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Minimally invasive spine surgery:

Minimally Invasive Surgery (also known as MIS), is a term used to describe the types of spinal surgery where, instead of traditional open approaches, every effort is made to minimize the trauma to the tissues covering the spine (skin, soft tissues, muscle). This approach allows faster recovery and less post operative pain.

Dr. Schneier specializes in the latest MIS techniques and continues to push the frontiers of this emerging field. He strives to minimize the invasive nature of spine surgery. It should be noted that only under most expert hands can minimally invasive surgical techniques remain effective and still address the problem that surgery is meant to correct.

Before your surgery, we will determine which minimally invasive techniques are possible to employ. Where applicable, these will consist of smaller incisions, use of fluoroscopic x-ray for localization, and the operating microscope to allow maximal microsurgical precision and visualization.

Dr. Schneier routinely performs the following MIS procedures:

Neurosurgical conditions

Neurosurgical conditions include primarily brain, spinal cord, vertebral column and peripheral nervous system disorders.

Conditions treated by Dr. Michael Schneier include:

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